My 60 Days of Raw Food and the Future of this Blog ….

If you’ve been following my blog in the past, you may be wondering what happened to my 60 day raw foods experiment.  If you’re new to my site, welcome!

This is the re-cap of that experiment and the turning point in the direction of content on my blog.

First off, I have to admit that my experiment did not go perfectly as planned.  During the 60 days I had 4 cooked vegan meals, 2 coffees, and 1 iced tea.  I was not entirely alcohol free during those two months either …. However, for my two month attempt at eating entirely raw foods and cutting out caffeine and alcohol, I would say that I did pretty darn good.  Each and every time I cheated on my own rules, the effects were immediate.  You could see the evidence all over my face in the form of tired eyes, dry, splotchy skin and at times, acne.  And no, it was never worth it.

So, what were some of the changes that I experienced on this diet?


  • I began sleeping like a rock – there was nothing that could wake me up once I was out.
  • My memory improved – both short and long term.  I started to remember things that I had long forgotten, things that I had tried to remember before only to become frustrated for being unable to recall them when I wanted to.
  • My energy and ability to be creative improved.
  • My focus became much sharper.
  • My skin cleared up, including breakouts and eczema.
  • My vision improved slightly – colors became crisper and more vibrant.


  • The first 5 days left me exhausted with a low grade headache that I couldn’t shake.
  • My skin initially broke out in a very itchy rash for about two weeks.
  • I was slightly more emotional and moody the first two weeks.  I am normally pretty even keeled, so this was extremely frustrating for me.

I attribute all of these negative side-effects to detox.  Remember, I have been eating a high-raw diet for several years now.  I believe that this really helped to limit the severity and length of time of the cons I experienced during these 60 days.

I expected to feel great eating all raw.  What I didn’t expect was that through this experiment, I would discover another way to eat raw.  Regardless of my passion for raw foods, my years of research and experimentation, it took my internet search for a local Houston Co-op (Rawfully Organic) for a friend to discover the 80/10/10 or Low Fat,/High Carb Raw Vegan (LFRV/HCRV) way of eating.

The first thing that I noticed of every single person involved in promoting this way of eating was that they looked beyond healthy.  In addition to that, they were all extremely athletic.  The diet involves a MINIMUM of 30 minutes of VIGOROUS exercise per day.  I LOVE that!  Our bodies were meant to move.

One of the first things that I did was to compare the appearance of the raw foods chefs and speakers that I had been following previously to those in the low fat raw vegan realm.  There was absolutely no comparison.  Although the gourmet raw foodies (primary calories from healthy fats – nuts, seeds and oils – rather than carbs – primarily from fruit) looked extremely healthy compared to the norm, they didn’t have quite the same vibrance and physically fit appearance of the LFRV mentors I had discovered.  I was sold.

I still love many things about the raw food diet that I was consuming prior to discovering a high carb, low fat raw diet, but my body tells me that this is how I was meant to eat.  I have so many things to share with you based on what I have been discovering and learning lately.  And although my 60 days of raw foods experiment may be over, what it truly did for me was launch me into a whole new level of health and discovery.

Going forward, this blog will be dedicated to recipes and information on how to thrive on a low fat raw foods diet while keeping fit and living green.

I hope you will continue with me on this new path that I’ve found through the process of writing this blog….  Expect to hear much more from me very soon!




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